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 Managing for the down payment is a daunting challenge for almost every prospective home buyer. Generally, every loan program requires a minimum of 20% down payment, making the dream of a home almost unachievable and unaffordable for the commoners. Mortgage Insurance in California saves the lenders if the loan defaults. Private Mortgage Insurance or Mortgage Insurance is a policy that should not be confused with credit life insurance. Mortgage Insurance in California protects the lender on a large number of non-governmental loans and most of the cases include monthly premium payment which requires a private monthly instalment in down payment of less than 20% at an extra cost.

For the loans that are directly supported by the Government schemes such as FHA (Federal Housing Administration) loans, all the mortgagors must pay into a self-insuring loan insurance pool to counterbalance the costs that are linked with other mortgagors’ defaults. Additionally, for others government-supported loans, like Veterans Affairs Loan or USDA-supported Loans (like USDA Rural Development Program) etc., the government itself covers the default risk therefore, no Mortgage Insurance is required here. The cost of Mortgage Insurance varies, depending on the type of loan and the amount of down payment.

There are a large number of factors to keep into consideration while obtaining a mortgage, but primarily total monthly payment makes the most important consideration of all. Mortgage insurance is, of course, one of the most confusing payments in this policy, that too for the first time buyers. Unlike Homeowner’s Insurance, the mortgage insurance policy compensates lenders for losses due to default on the loan mortgage.

The need for any type of mortgage insurance for an individual depends on the terms and conditions of the loan. Mortgage Insurance Providers in the USA realise that the mortgage process can be an overwhelming task, therefore, the leading company of them all, The Lindsey Co. (TLC) endeavours to help the clients understand what options they have so that they ultimately make informed decisions with regards to the mortgage insurance and loan process in general.

Conventional Loan and Mortgage Insurance

Every lender and borrower will have his own definition of a conventional loan as its guidelines are pretty consistent when it comes to Mortgage Insurance. Fundamentally, if the mortgagor makes a down payment of less than 20% of the total worth of the property, they will be needed to buy mortgage insurance of a particular type to secure credit given against default. There are several types of Mortgage Insurance in California based on the preferences and the current financial conditions of the borrower.

• Single Premium Mortgage Insurance: In such a kind of mortgage insurance, the buyer will make a single lump sum payment at the time of buying their home. This payment is usually made at the time of closing, however a few lenders provide the option to finance that payment into the mortgage.

• Lender Paid Mortgage Insurance: The lender calculates the cost of the insurance based on California mortgage insurance rates for the life period of loan. This type of mortgage insurance has a benefit. The borrowers end up paying the less amount per month, if they pay slightly more over the life period of the loan. It is not possible to cancel lender paid mortgage insurance since it is permanently clubbed into loan’s interest rates.

• Borrower Paid Mortgage Insurance: It is both the easiest and the commonest type of mortgage insurance in which the debtor makes a small payment every month till he reaches the 20% of the home equity threshold. A borrower can cancel the insurance at this stage. The lenders will need to check the mortgage history and positive payment to be in good standing so as to authorize insurance cancellations.

• Factoring Mortgage Insurance: Here, the mortgage insurance rates are determined by individual mortgage insurance providers, USA. The rates are determined using the information like credit history of borrower, loan size, down payment size and time period of loan. Borrowers can choose their type of policy, however the rates remain non-negotiable.

FHA Loans and Mortgage Insurance

FHA (Federal Housing Administration) loans are not the conventional loans. FHA loans operate entirely different with respect to mortgage insurance. For a larger proportion, FHA loans are inclusive of mortgage insurance premiums as a permanent element of the loan. The borrowers are expected to pay the premiums under mortgage insurance on the FHA loan for the full time period of the loan. Borrowers are not expected to cancel the insurance and no fee amount will be annulled automatically after reaching the home equity threshold.

A good thing about FHA loan is that once the borrower reaches 20% of the home equity threshold, he or she can get his non-conventional loan into conventional features, however keeping the original terms of the FHA loan.


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