Life Settlements

Life Insurance policy holders frequently find themselves in the position of simplifying their lives once their kids are grown, mortgage is paid, or have saved enough as they enter their retirement years. One way to do that is to downsize from a large house with several bedrooms to a smaller home that is easier to maintain. They make that move by selling the large family house and using the money from that sale to fund the next chapter of life in retirement. The same principle holds true with your life insurance policy. Perhaps you purchased the policy at an earlier time in your life, but now those circumstances have changed. You bought and paid for it, so you can sell it if you want. When our clients circumstances shift, they may no longer need a life insurance policy or they may have different priorities. As individuals start to think more about long-term care, retirement income and lifestyle protection, they explore options to subsidize these arrangements. Although other possibilities exist, a life settlement drives results in achieving the desired financial outcome.