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If you want to buy a life insurance policy then you must consider your needs and then know more about the type of life insurance policies available in the market. A large number of buyers are utilising life insurance and annuity items as a major aspect of their financial planning objectives. Buyers spend a significant amount of cash every year on life insurance policies or annuity contracts knowing almost nothing about what it is that they are getting. We at TLC have experts to help buyers like you, settle on well thought out choices and to help them comprehend both the advantages and the risks involved in financial planning. The reason for this service by TLC is to help you comprehend what kind of life insurance policies or annuity contracts are accessible. You can always look for many options available in the market and then choose the one that best suits your needs and requirements. You can get more information on guaranteed life insurance policies with instant benefits from various Life Insurance Companies in California.

Assessing Your Needs

Buying a life insurance policy is a crucial decision for you and your family. A good life insurance policy is based on financial planning needs. Some of the important life aspects determine the amount of life insurance right for an individual, for example, for you to buy a policy of a particular amount, you need to check your marital status, number of dependents in your family and how much do you pay to support them, their future education needs, current family income, anticipated family income, your current liabilities and assets and debt obligations.

Choosing Appropriate Life Insurance Policy Amount-Wise

Choosing the most appropriate life insurance policy will depend on your age and responsibility. Also, you will have to determine what standard of living you want for your dependents in the future. This again will determine how much you are going to pay. Then counting assets and liabilities is crucial because you would want to know how much money you would like to leave to your dependents after you pass away. You should not be over-insured and under-insured. Under-insuring will not be able to fulfil the needs of the dependents while over-insurance will disturb your present budget and you can lose your liquidity.

Determine How Much Life Insurance You Need

• Determine all the factors that have been discussed above.

• Determine how much amount can you pay every month or annually for a life insurance

• Choose the best life insurance depending on the two above factors. Keeping the two under consideration, you will be able to draw yourself towards successful financial planning.

Types of Life Insurance

California Life Insurance Companies basically offer two main kinds of life insurance:

• Term Life Insurance Policies

• Cash Value Life Insurance Policies

The following are the varied forms of the two main types of life insurance:

• Whole Life Insurance

• Universal Life Insurance

• Variable Life Insurance

• Variable Universal Life Insurance

Term Policies provide life insurance coverage for a specified period of time. The time period can be as short as one year to as long as 20 years or more. If the policyholder dies during the term period then the insurance company will provide the face value amount to the beneficiary. If the policyholder lives beyond the term period, there is no benefit payable. It is a rule that term policies are going to offer a death benefit and have no saving or cash benefits. The cost of the term policies increases with the increase in the age of the policyholder. While buying the term policy you can determine what period you want the policy for and you can get your policy renewed every year without any physical examination.

Cash Value Insurance gives the cash value accumulation benefits along with the death benefits to the policyholder. The policyholder will have to pay more during the earlier years, the premium gets accumulated with interest within the policy. If the policy is surrendered before the death of the policyholder, there may be a cash value which is to be paid to the policyholder, the only amount deducted will be against any outstanding loan.

Let us know more about the other guaranteed issue life insurance policies in California. Whole Life Insurance is designed to cover the whole life of the policyholder for death benefits, as compared to the term policy where the benefit is for a time period. Universal Life Insurance is the most flexible of all life insurant policies where the policyholder can change the premiums and also can get the death benefits converted into other benefits under different policies. Variable Life Insurance has death benefits that vary with the investment of the assets underlying the life insurance policy. Variable Universal Life Insurance combines the flexibility feature of Universal Life Insurance with investment account of variable life Insurance.

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